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Comic Controllers is your one stop shop for unique Pop Culture and Video Game themed items. We stand for all things that allow us nerds and geeks to represent the fandoms we love most.  We love stuff that is made by fans - for fans!

Come visit us, grab a float at Pop Culture Soda Shoppe, and enjoy our free to play video game lounge!

Comic Controllers
Pop Culture Soda Shoppe
Power Up Lounge

Most of the items in our shop are crafted and designed by us or other local artists! We also have a selection of used games and retro consoles, along with the modern essentials like Pokemon TCG cards!

Shop from our selection of custom painted controllers by CptnAlex or stock up on Pokemon cards!

Pop Culture Soda Shoppe is our 90s themed soda shoppe, serving up Ice Cream Floats that feature Jones Soda and are based off of your pop culture faves! Enjoy a freshly cookie and some nostalgic views and snacks while you game or shop!

Enjoy the Power Up Video Game Lounge on FREE PLAY! Yes you read that right! We've got a Nintendo Switch readily available on the big screen loaded up with either Smash Bros or Mario Kart depending on the day!

Plus a selection of vintage consoles to play and two arcade machines!


Check out CptnAlex's website to see our selection of custom controllers!


628 8th St, Clermont, FL 34711


Mon/Tues - Closed

Wednesday 12pm-8pm

Thursday 12pm-8pm

Friday 12pm - 9pm

Saturday 12pm-9pm

Sunday 10am-5pm

the origin story

The story of Alex. As told by his wife, Jessie.


A long time ago, in a land far away.... (2013, Parkland, FL)... 

there was a boy who looked at his plain white video game controller and thought to himself: "This doesn't represent ME"

He looked around his room (which was covered in Captain America posters and action figures) and realized he could create a controller that was personalized to him. He wanted his controller to stand for more than just playing games. It stood for his love of all geek culture. It also stood for truth, justice, and the American way...cause ya know...Captain America.

He covered his controller in Captain America comic book pages and on that day, Comic Controllers was born.

He believed that everyone deserves a controller that represents them, and so he continued to create personalized controllers for video game and comic book lovers around the world!


our secret identities 

The story of Alex and Jessie. As told by their dog, Arcanine.


My parents have been together for basically forever. They met in high school and were instant BFFs. In 2011 they bonded over Doctor Who and fell in LOVE! My dad took my mom to prom, which I think is really cute...and they got married in 2017!

I skipped the most important part...ME! My dad insisted naming me after his favorite Pokemon, which actually worked out because my tuft is just as floofy as the real Arcanine! 

Fun Fact: They've made me rewatch all 13 seasons of Doctor Who and my professional opinion is that bowties ARE cool.





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