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Oh Snap! Pokemon Snap Coming to Nintendo Switch!

This morning, Nintendo streamed a very exciting update of Pokemon Presents! You all should have heard Alex screaming at his computer when they revealed that we would be getting a new Pokemon Snap game made for the Nintendo Switch. After 20 years since the original game, we will get to dive back into the world of Pokemon Snap to catch all our favorite from their best angles!

Comic Controllers loves all games and all systems, but Alex is certainly a diehard Pokemon fan! If there was ever a Pokemon game for my Instagram-Loving heart, it would be this one! I can't wait to find my sweet Arcanine and take ALL THE PICS!

No release date for the game yet, but you can bet that there will be a custom design to match it when it comes out!

Watch Alex's really cute reaction to the news and see him get super excited about Pokemon Snap in this livestream!

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