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The Road So Far...

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Hello Friends, Family, and Clermont Locals! Jessie here!

Some of you might already know this story, but because I'm sentimental I have to start from the beginning in order to truly share our exciting news.

2011 - Doctor Who Party

Ever since Alex and I met in high school we shared a love for all things nerdy. Once we started dating in 2011, we found ourselves at multiple Comic Book Conventions. At EVERY show...I would find something I wanted and instantly turn to Alex and say: OMG I love this!! Should I get it?! And without fail...every time...he would say "I could make that".

Every. Single. Time. He still does that to me to this day!!! (Like...are you surrreee you know how to do crown molding?!) Usually I reacted with "UGH LET ME JUST BUY THE THING!" But alas, he was usually right...he could make it. I think if he was a Comic Book Character or a Superhero, that would be his catchphrase.

Fast forward to 2013 when he made the thing that would turn into the very first Comic Controller. He took his plain white Xbox Controller and decked it out with Captain America Comics. I think I speak on behalf of both our families when I say we were impressed.

The First Comic Controller:

This design is still one of my faves.

Once Alex realized he could combine his two favorite things and create a personalized product for comic book and video game lovers...he set out on a journey to grow the Comic Controllers brand online. Over the years his skills got even better and his style grew with the times. In 2014 we brought Comic Controllers to SuperCon in Miami, and in 2016 we brought Comic Controllers to MegaCon in Orlando.

Our first convention:

Mega Con Orlando:

In the years since MegaCon, Alex's personal brand of CptnAlex grew on Instagram. He gained an ever-growing audience which allowed him to partner with Video Game developers and make controllers to celebrate releases of their games. Last year he started the Pro Controller Project. Where he designed a Nintendo Pro Controller for every single character in Smash Brothers. Over 500 people backed his project...which means he has spent the last year very busy making lots of awesome supporters a ton of controllers!

Alex + Jessie - 2020

The Big Dream has always been to open our very own store where we can sell his controllers and create a fun, local, family friendly space for video game and comic book lovers. That dream got a little more real this week. We happened upon The Downtown Exchange in Clermont and discovered they had a space available where we could sell his controllers and start the journey to one day owning our own full sized store. Comic Controllers means the world to us. Alex has poured an endless amount of time and energy into honing his art, creating his brand, and supporting my dreams along the way.

We are proud to announce that on July 1st, Comic Controllers will expand from online to an in person retail space at The Downtown Exchange in Clermont.

You can find me (Jessie) there Thursday - Sunday and we'd love for you to stick with us on this journey! Sign up for our mailing list to get shop updates, new releases, and early notice on special events and promotions.

To everyone that has supported us on this journey - we can't thank you enough for teaching us, cheering us on, and being excited with us.

We can't wait to tackle this next level!


Alex and Jessie

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